What is BAD WOLF?
Bad Wolf ‘Intimates’ is for any and every girl.
For the sad girls, the mad girls, the bad girls.
It’s an idea, a sensation, a feeling of just simply not giving a f*ck.
It’s about owning what you have, feeling sexual and confident in your skin exactly as it is.
It’s about embracing your inner ‘bad girl’, about being comfortable with yourself, not caring about what anyone else thinks and loving yourself for everything that you are.
Bad Wolf Intimates is the kind of lingerie you can wear just for you, and also for someone else.  The lingerie is designed to show the body exactly as it is – no padding, no special designs that will suck your stomach in, no bullshit. 
Every person should feel sexy, powerful and captivating, because we all are in our own unique way.
This, is Bad Wolf.